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About the songs on ART

Click the titles to come to Spotify. You can also find the songs on Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and more. Scroll down to find more releases and music videos.

1. Diva (Intro)
ART starts off with the intro ‘Diva’. The first part is an improvisation from 2013, an idea that later became the inspiration for ‘Don’t Ya’. The second part is a reference to the already released music video for the same song, and of course to the title ART.

2. Don’t Ya
‘Don’t Ya’ is that one song that truly defined the direction of Alyzas music. With lyrics about relationships and trust, the clear focus of the song is the funky groove and attitude.

3. Get In Line
‘Get In Line’ is a song that’s become Alyza’s own self proclaimed anti-fuckboy anthem, with a lyrical theme of being pursued by someone whose player reputation precedes them. Musically Get In Line merges funk and rock’n’roll, with a twist.

4. Free Me
‘Free Me’ mixes musical inspirations from pop, soul and jazz, and is the earliest written song on ART. The song deals with themes of anxiety and depression, as the character “She” becomes a metaphor for the consuming and disruptive thoughts of eating disorder.

5. Here With You
Heartfelt and sincere, and the most hopeful song of the EP, ‘Here With You’ explores the early stage of a romantic relationship in a soul ballad.

6. Fuckboy Blues
The title says it all - ‘Fuckboy Blues’ is just that, ending with a line that summarizes the themes of ART pretty well: “Joke’s on you, I turned this heartbreak into Money and Art”.

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Photo by Maria Zetterberg

Music Video

Don't Ya

Short Music Video

Boy Bye - Outro

Find Alyza's music on Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and more.

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Someday - Alyza
Low - Alyza & Caj Morgan
Just Fine - MVG feat. Alyza

Disclosure regarding iTunes/Apple music -

"Make It To Me" is NOT Alyza´s song. Her releases include "ART", "Don't Ya", "Low", "Just Fine", "Get In Line" and "Someday".

Photo by Donatello Don Petrini


Photo by Andreas Westman

Photo by Viktor Tägt Ring

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