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Photo by Viktor Tägt Ring


Dynamic, funky and sassy, yet emotional and personal; those are the driving musical notes behind Swedish-Italian singer-songwriter Alyza. With a vocal prowess and stage presence that have been compared to giants of music like Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse, Alyza delivers raw and relatable lyrics about life, relationships, and mental health. What truly sets Alyza apart is her effortless ability to bring her own modern take on retro inspired soul and funk. Empowering women worldwide, Alyza gives her honest recount of what truly needs to be said, rather than giving a façade of everything being alright.

Since her live debut in 2018, Alyza has performed in various venues in Stockholm including PSB and the well-renowned Cirkus, as well as having performed at festivals such as The Songwriter Festival in Lund and Kulturparksfestivalen in Haninge. Alyza has also competed in the Swedish music competition, Livekarusellen, where she made it to the Top 3 in Stockholm, and in the international music competition, Emergenza.

Having spent most of 2019 focusing on recording music under her label, Critti Records, Alyza released her first single 'Low' in June 2019. A lounge-y R&B collaboration with producer and songwriter Caj Morgan, 'Low' piqued the curiosity of fans worldwide with her expressive vocals. Her follow-up releases 'Don’t Ya' and 'Get In Line', which are the first and second singles from her upcoming EP, further brought new fan recognition. She has also released 'Just Fine', an EDM collaboration with producer MVG, as well as the stand alone single 'Someday 'which is the first song she ever wrote, at 15 years old.

She has now released her debut EP ART, recorded through 2019 and 2020. ART is a collection of songs that have shaped Alyzas sound into what it is today, and a clear representation of Alyza as an artist. Themes of relationships and mental health meet attitude, humour and vulnerability, wrapped up in a glamorous package, inspired by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Dita von Teese. The title ART gives a sense of Alyza’s approach to music, as a creator as well as a listener.


And then? Let’s hope for Madison Square Garden and Grammys!

Read Alyzas interview with Hjärnkoll/Våga prata HERE.


Photo by Donatello Don Petrini


Photo by Catherina Fabila Pecson

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