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Photo by Viktor Tägt Ring

Credits - ART


Music and Lyrics by Alyza

Arrangements by Alyza with band

Recording/Mastering by Anna Engberg

Mixing by Ebba Bergkvist

Anton Avelin on Drums

Erik Berggren on Bass

Albin Larsson on Guitar

Ellinor Johansson on Keys

Filip Palmgren on Keys (Don't Ya & Get In Line)

Ebba Gunnarsson on Saxophone

Vilhelm Wereen on Trombone

Anna Arnbom singing Backup Vocals

Irma Rence singing Backup Vocals (Get In Line)

Julia Ågren singing Backup Vocals (Free Me)


All photos taken by Viktor Tägt Ring

All videos shot by Anton Jerfström
Cover art by Alyza, with photo by Viktor Tägt Ring

Hair by Caroline Ljusterdal

Makeup and styling by Alyza

Visuals shot at City Studios

Music recorded at Eastman Studio & Creative Studios

ART is released on label Critti Records, via Amuse




Anna Engberg - Producer/Mastering

Ebba Bergkvist - Mixing

Ellinor Johansson - Keys


Music & Lyrics - Alyza

Arrangement - Alyza, with Ellinor Johansson

Cover art

IA Works, with photo by Tommy Kronholm and title font by Anke Arnold

Photo by Tommy Kronholm

Skärmavbild 2020-03-27 kl. 15.47.12.png

Don't Ya

Music video 

Concept by Alyza

Filmed and edited by Anton Jerfström

Choreography - Emma Richter-Larsson with Alyza

Dancers - Emma Richter Larsson and Annie Gustafsson

Bass player - Ray Nordin

Cover art

IA Works, with concept by Alyza and title font by Anke Arnold

Get In Line

Boy Bye - Outro

Music - Alyza with Anton Avelin, Erik Berggren, Ellinor Johansson and Albin Larsson

Music video

Concept by Alyza

Filmed and edited by Felix Palmqvist

Drone footage by Donatello Don Petrini

Cover art

IA Works, with photo by Donatello Petrini and title font by Anke Arnold

Photo by Donatello Don Petrini


Photo by Andreas Westman

Collabs & Other


Music & Lyrics - Alyza & Caj Morgan
Production - Caj Morgan
Cover Art - Alyza & Caj Morgan

Just Fine

Lyrics - Alyza

Music - Alyza & MVG

Production - MVG

PR & Management

Management & Booking - Alyza

Alyza Logo - SZ Studios

Photos & Videos - See credits

Website - Designed by Alyza, powered by WIX

Label - Critti Records

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