The best way to experience Alyza is LIVE! 

Live in 2020

Due to the severe and very unfortunate situation with the corona virus and covid-19, we (I and my band) are not able to offer any live shows in the closest proximity. We do not want to contribute to or cause any unnecessary spreading of the virus and hosting/attending concerts could mean a huge risk of spreading it.

Due to the lack of possibilities for and interest in concerts at the moment, a lot of musicians are struggling. Here is a list of things you can do to support your favourite artists in these times:

  • Stream or buy their music

  • Buy merch

  • Watch their live streams and videos (Free most times)

  • Share their music or Social Media with friends (Free)

  • Stay active on their Social Media accounts (Free)

  • You can also donate or become part of paying fan communities like Patreon etc.

Stay safe! - Alyza


Contact Alyza at, or directly through Instagram and Facebook.

Photo by Donatello Don Petrini

Live Performances on Youtube

Some of Alyza's past performances

DON'T YA x Releaseparty & Concert

2019-11-01 @ Cirkus (Stockholm, Sweden)


2020-02-26 @ Hellstens Glashus WY13 (Stockholm, Sweden)


2020-02-06 @ Stadsparkscaféet (Lund, Sweden)

2019-01-26 @ Stadsparkscaféet (Lund, Sweden)


2019-06-08 @ Gula villan, Handen (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-06-09 @ Gula Villan, Handen (Stockholm, Sweden)


2019-08-17 @ Stavsnäs Hembageri (Värmdö, Sweden)

2019-08-08 @ Fornstugan (Kristianstad, Sweden)

2019-03-12 @ Musslan (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-12-11 @ Kafé 44 (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-02-08 @ PSB (Stockholm, Sweden)


2019-04-04 @ Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-09-29 @ Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden)


2018-04-22 @ Bryggarsalen (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-03-23 @ Aggregat (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-03-10 @ Fritidsgården Duvnäsgatan (Stockholm, Sweden)

Photo by Tommy Kronholm

Photo by Cicci Rikanovic

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