Photo by Viktor Tägt Ring

The best way to experience Alyza is LIVE! 

Stay tuned for upcoming livestreams!

Live in 2020

Due to the severe the covid-19 pandemic, we (I and my band) are not able to offer any live shows in the closest proximity. We do not want to contribute to the spreading of the virus and hosting/attending concerts could mean a huge risk of that.

Due to the lack of possibilities for and interest in concerts at the moment, a lot of musicians are struggling. Here is a list of things you can do to support your favourite artists in these times:

Stay safe! - Alyza


Contact Alyza at, or directly through Instagram and Facebook.

Live Performances on Youtube

Some of Alyza's past performances

DON'T YA x Releaseparty & Concert

2019-11-01 @ Cirkus (Stockholm, Sweden)


2020-02-26 @ Hellstens Glashus WY13 (Stockholm, Sweden)


2020-02-06 @ Stadsparkscaféet (Lund, Sweden)

2019-01-26 @ Stadsparkscaféet (Lund, Sweden)


2019-06-08 @ Gula villan, Handen (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-06-09 @ Gula Villan, Handen (Stockholm, Sweden)


2019-09-28 @ Creperie Lemoni (Uppsala, Sweden)

2019-08-17 @ Stavsnäs Hembageri (Värmdö, Sweden)

2019-08-08 @ Fornstugan (Kristianstad, Sweden)

2019-03-12 @ Musslan (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-12-11 @ Kafé 44 (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-02-08 @ PSB (Stockholm, Sweden)


2019-04-04 @ Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-09-29 @ Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden)


2018-04-22 @ Bryggarsalen (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-03-23 @ Aggregat (Stockholm, Sweden)

2018-03-10 @ Fritidsgården Duvnäsgatan (Stockholm, Sweden)

Photo by Tommy Kronholm

Photo by Donatello Petrini

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