WHO? Charismatic, unique and powerful - Alyza is the alter ego of Swedish songwriter, producer and vocalist Elisa Critti Kronholm, born in 1997.


WHAT? Alyza presents raw and honest lyrics about relationships and mental health combined with her own modern take on soul and funk, often with a fun and sassy spin on it.


WHEN? Having had a clear interest for music and performing from an early age, it was first at the age of 14 that Elisa truly discovered her talent for it. Following years of music studies and developing her songwriting, Elisa launched her artist debut as Alyza in early 2018.


HOW? Together with her team of talented musicians, Alyza makes her visions and musical art come true. Being not only creative, but also having a talent for management, it has come naturally for her to be an independent artist. Alyza is currently doing all booking and managing herself, and will be releasing music through her own record label.


NOW? Official debut single Don't ya is out now, and earlier this year Alyza released RnB single Low with producer and songwriter Caj Morgan.

AND THEN? Let’s hope for Madison Square Garden and Grammys! 

Photos: Catherine Fabila Pecson, Kerstin Kronholm Critti, Ira Nikolejvna, Andreas Westholm, Julia Ågren, Cicci Rikanovic, Sofie Börjesson.

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