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Swedish soul artist Alyza releases her first song in Swedish!

About Allt eller inget

Swedish-Italian soul artist Alyza releases her first song in Swedish on the 18th of June. The song titled Allt eller inget (English translation: All or nothing) is her first single since the release of her debut EP ART in november 2020. Allt eller inget deals with themes of being in a “just friends” type of relationship, and the frustration of dating someone who can’t quite choose between All or Nothing in the relationship.


Allt eller inget came to life during studies at Ågesta Folkhögskola. It started out as a poem set to music and has thereafter gotten new lyrics written by Alyza. The new single follows in the footsteps of ART with focus on choir, dynamics and Alyza´s powerful voice, complete with guitar solos and tempo changes.


Music and lyrics by Alyza (Elisa Critti Kronholm). Recorded and mastered by Anna Engberg who also joins in on background vocals. Mix by Ebba Bergkvist

Anton Avelin on drums.

Erik Berggren on bass.

Ellinor Johansson on piano.

Agnes Hjalmarsson on guitar.

About Alyza


Glamorous and dynamic, emotional and personal; with a vocal prowess and stage presence that have been compared to giants of music like Tina Turner and Amy Winehouse, soul artist Alyza delivers raw and relatable lyrics about life, relationships, and mental health.

Since her live debut in 2018, Alyza has performed in various venues in Stockholm including PSB, Hellstens glashus WY13 and the well-renowned Cirkus, as well as having performed at festivals in Stockholm and Skåne. Alyza has also competed in the Swedish music competition, Livekarusellen, where she made it to the Top 3 in Stockholm.


Alyza has been recognized by Scandinavian Soul, Sagolika Vasastan and radio P4 Uppland. Alyza´s debut single Low, a collaboration with Caj Morgan, was released in 2019 and her debut EP ART was released in november 2020.

Photographer: Maria Zetterberg, unless stated otherwise.

Elisa edit-1013.jpg
Elisa edit-1298.jpg

Alyza - Allt eller inget

Release: 18th of June 2021

Music & Lyrics by Elisa Critti Kronholm (Alyza) 

Arrangements by Alyza with band

Recording & Mastering by Anna Engberg

Mixing by Ebba Bergkvist

Cover art: Elisa Critti Kronholm, polaroids by Kerstin Critti

© 2021 Alyza/Critti Records

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