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EPK - Download lyrics, cover art, press texts, pictures HERE.

Swedish soul artist Alyza releases her debut EP ART!

Alyza - ART

Release: 6 november 2020

Music & Lyrics by Elisa Critti Kronholm (Alyza) 

Arrangements by Alyza with band

Recording & Mastering by Anna Engberg

Mixing by Ebba Bergkvist

Cover art: Alyza, photo taken by Viktor Tägt Ring

© 2020 Alyza/Critti Records


Following several single releases and collaborations through 2019 and 2020, Alyza now presents her biggest​ ​project to date with ART. ART is a collection of songs that have shaped Alyzas sounds into what it is today – a modern take on retro inspired soul, funk and jazz, with great focus on dynamics, personal lyrics and Alyzas powerful voice.

ART consists of five full length songs as well as a shorter intro, including previous singles ‘Get In Line’ and ‘Don’t Ya’, all written by the artist herself. Themes of relationships and mental health meet sass, humour and vulnerability, wrapped up in a glamorous package, inspired by icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Dita von Teese. The title ART gives a sense of Alyza’s approach to music, as a creator as well as a listener.

ART is recorded and mastered by Anna Engberg, and mixed by Ebba Bergkvist, with a team of ten musicians ranging from drums and bass to brass and background vocalists.

Photos by Viktor Tägt Ring


Alyza (Elisa Critti Kronhom) born 1997 in Lund, is a Stockholm-based Swedish soul artist, with Italian roots. Alyza made her live debut on cult music venue PSB i Stockholm in february 2018, and is now about to release her debut EP ART.

Alyza has always had an interest for music and singing, who early found inspiration in Swedish artist Carola and the belly dancing and songwriting of Shakira. She started taking piano lessons at an early age and got several lead rolls as a student at Miniteatern.

In her early teens Alyzas musical confidence grew as she won several singing competitions at school. During these years, Alyza also developed eating disorder and depression, which in turn became a catalysator for her songwriting. After several attempts to write music her songwriting finally found its purpose, and at 15 years old she wrote ‘Someday’, which was released as a single in July 2020.

Alyza found her love for soul and jazz in high school. When later on introduced to funk during music studies at Ågesta Folkhögskola, she realized that “this is what I want to do and have been trying to do all along”.

Since her live debut in 2018, Alyza has performed in various venues in Stockholm including Hellstens Glashus WY13 and the well-renowned Cirkus, as well as having performed at festivals such as The Songwriter Festival in Lund and Kulturparksfestivalen in Haninge. Alyza has also competed in the Swedish music competition, Livekarusellen, where she made it to the Top 3 in Stockholm, as well as having competed in the international music competition, Emergenza.

Having spent most of 2019 focusing on recording music under her label, Critti Records, Alyza released her first single ‘Low’ in June 2019, a lounge-y R&B collaboration with producer and songwriter Caj Morgan. In 2019 she also released her first single from ART: ‘Don’t Ya’, which also got a music video this year. In April 2020 she released ‘Get In Line’, the second single from ART, including a 7 minute long jam with a short music video. Alyza has also released ‘Just Fine’, an EDM collaboration with producer MVG, as well as the previously mentioned single ‘Someday’.

Alyza has been mentioned by Scandinavian Soul, Sagolika Vasastan, SoulTracks, and more, as well as having been interviewed in P4 Uppland. She’s currently working independently and releasing music through her own label Critti Records.


1. Diva (Intro)
ART starts off with the intro ‘Diva’. The first part is an improvisation from 2013, an idea that later became the inspiration for ‘Don’t Ya’. The second part is a reference to the already released music video for the same song, and of course to the title ART.

2. Don’t Ya
‘Don’t Ya’ is that one song that truly defined the direction of Alyzas music. With lyrics about relationships and trust, the clear focus of the song is the funky groove and attitude.

3. Get In Line
‘Get In Line’ is a song that’s become Alyza’s own self proclaimed anti-fuckboy anthem, with a lyrical theme of being pursued by someone whose player reputation precedes them. Musically Get In Line merges funk and rock’n’roll, with a twist.

4. Free Me
‘Free Me’ mixes musical inspirations from pop, soul and jazz, and is the earliest written song on ART. The song deals with themes of anxiety and depression, as the character “She” becomes a metaphor for the consuming and disruptive thoughts of eating disorder.

5. Here With You
Heartfelt and sincere, and the most hopeful song of the EP, ‘Here With You’ explores the early stage of a romantic relationship in a soul ballad.

6. Fuckboy Blues
The title says it all - ‘Fuckboy Blues’ is just that, ending with a line that summarizes the themes of ART pretty well: “Joke’s on you, I turned this heartbreak into Money and Art”.

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